Watching: Life After Lockup

We were having one of those water cooler conversations. Chatting about all the shows to check out. My friend mentioned “Life After Lockup”. First off.. The title already had me thinking. “Oh, heck no!!!” She convinced me that it was good. So, I thought I give it a try.

Here I go!!!

It is the middle of the second season. I realize now that this is a spin-off. Wayment!! What??? I have some work to do!! Anywho, I tune in… I was in for a treat. I love this messy stuff. I don’t have that in my life. Which is a beautiful thing. However, I would love to have more than a drunk crying puking friend. I’m just saying!! I’m introduced to the following:

The cast of Life After Lockup.

Megan & Michael & Sarah (Fort Worth, TX/Flint, MI/Rochester, NY): Megan and Sarah continue to struggle on whether to forgive and forget Michael. Is the forever playboy harboring yet another huge secret that could cause serious repercussions and complications with Megan and Sarah?

Andrea & Lamar (Los Angeles, CA): While Andrea and Lamar are living separately, Andrea reveals a huge secret that could change everything. Can their relationship survive the distance?

Marcelino & Brittany (Las Vegas, NV): Brittany’s mom makes the move to Vegas for support as Brittany is expecting baby number 3. However, they’ve never truly confronted the issues about Brittany’s past. Will living in such close quarters reopen old wounds that run deep?

Clint & Tracie (Hobbs, NM): Will Clint stand by his wife? Or will he live up to his declaration “to leave Tracie once and for all if she gets locked up again?”

Cheryl & Josh
(Pueblo, CO): Cheryl decides to move to Colorado with Josh to keep their love alive, but will Josh be able to maintain his parole restrictions and keep himself out of the slammer?

Angela & Tony (Grenada, MS): Tony is released for the second time, but will he put his bad boy ways behind him once and for all?

Lacey & John & Shane (Virginia Beach, VI): Shane reveals a major secret he’s been keeping from Lacey, while Lacey has a secret of her own that could jeopardize everything. Meanwhile, John won’t give up on his love for Lacey.

Here is where I jump in…. OMG!!!

It’s Episode 40.. Their stories are wildly interesting. I’m not judging at all. I haven’t been in their predicament. Just saying what is going on now.

Angela & Tony: Angela is burning the things that Tony have gifted her. She’s planning on marrying him. He is cheating on Angela. She is not having it with him!! She puts his SIM card in her phone. She sees all these messages. He’s employed at a hotel. Apparently, he’s been giving the ladies free rooms. The method of payment… Sexual Services. This is all alleged. He’s currently at work. She’s going to light that ass up. When he gets home. He gets confronted. Angela is on fire! She shows him the text. He denies it. She calls the woman in the text. Tells her ” To take his ass!!” She takes the ring off and throws him out. Stay tuned!

Megan & Michael & Sarah: Michael is off to see Megan in Texas. Megan has so called cheated on him during his incarceration. Meanwhile, he’s on the phone with another woman. That’s not Megan. He pops upon Megan. They discuss working on their relationship. It looks somewhat promising. They hang with Megan’s homeboy. He disapproves. Then we see Sarah. Who lives in Upstate New York. With their two daughters. They were married. She wants him to be more involved physically with the girls. She doesn’t care about the financial stuff. Damn!!

Marcelino & Brittany: Brittany feels like the relationship is great. However, there are a lot of kids in this situation. As well as, an Ex. Stay tuned!

Andrea & Lamar: This is by far the most interesting couple to me. Omg!!! She’s a mormon from Salt Lake City. He is from Los Angeles. He wants her to move with him. She doesn’t want to. She feels that LA is a toxic environment. Anywho, She arrives at a sip & see. For one of her friends Stephanie. Now the conversation begins about the next time that she’ll see Lamar. She explains the pros and cons about Lamar. We find out the secret is. They had a prison relationship for seven years. They learn that the five year old daughter is his. Everyone is gagging and trying to figure out how. Her ass done did the nasty with him in the closet in prison. That’s how the child was conceived. Wait!!!!


Lacey & John & Shane: Lacey and Shane are moving into a new home. They want to expand their family. Lacey is the total bread winner. When she was with John. She was provided for. John still has feelings for Lacey. We also learn that John has drug issues. John has been texting Lacey. She’s been trying to reach him. To no avail. She’s hoping he’s no laid up somewhere drugged up.

Stay tuned!!! This is crazy!!!!!

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