What Happens Next?!?!

It’s been two years since I’ve done anything. Shit!!!!! Major fucking rewind….

Let us go back to the previous post. It was 2017, life seemed to be going quite well. Actually, things were fucking amazing. I had a good acting part. I was performing all over the city. With a live band. While holding down a job. I will say that I was tired as hell some mornings. However, it was all worth it!! First off.. Hearing the compliments when we walked off the stage. Priceless!!!

While things are going smooth at work. I work in a hair salon. Who would have actually thought this? I’ve met some interesting individuals. I’ve made some great friends. Some I hope will last a lifetime. Any damn way, some stuff happens. It’s now down to two managers. Thankfully, we love and support one another. That we would cover each other. Whenever, one of us had an obligation. Everything is still groovy. As far as, me performing and what not. Now it’s time to promote our show that we’ve been working on. I receive a phone call.. A phone call you would never expect, My best friend for many years passed away. I was devastated, lost, abandoned totally fucking shellshocked!! We were just planning Labor Day weekend. We were just having a water fight!! Then you’re gone. No fucking way!!! Now I gotta continue without the frack to my frick. Meanwhile, I have an event to attend. I may possibly end up speaking. So, I need to call someone. Let them know what’s up. Everyone was super supportive. I was advised to stay home. I literally couldn’t be in the house. Where we would get faded, play video games and just bug the hell out. So, I ended up going to the event. I cried in the house for a few hours. I needed to get out. I marched myself to the subway and headed to the event. I barely remember anything just receiving tons of hugs. The support from everyone was amazing.

Now days go by, I haven’t really processed his death. I know he’s up above. But I was throwing myself into work and other things. So, I wouldn’t think about it. I remember some people asking me “Why am I not crying?” or saying.. “You seem to be handling this well.” The best one was “For someone that was your best friend…..” I’m clearly no longer friends with them. First of all, everyone grieves differently. I lost my mom at an early age. Who was my everything. I think once that happens. You process shit in another way. But you have to grieve… Shit!!! I surely did that. It was maybe the fifth day. I was getting ready to head to the parade. I went to open the door. I let out a scream and starting throwing shit. The tears came down and that was it for me. It went on for days. I stayed in bed for days. Until, It was time to go back to work. Which was no fun at all.

I’m now back at work. I’m having these emotional moments. I would cry at the front desk. I would snap at a co worker or client. I was a complete dick. I didn’t know if I was coming or going. Yep! I was an asshole. It was like every little thing bothered me. If you disagreed with me, I felt attacked. It was nuts. They would ask me.. “Which Charley are we getting today?” Instead of talking to someone. I kept it bottled in. That obviously didn’t work. I kinda don’t like to share my problems with anyone. Oh! You’ll know if I’m doing good. The emotional stuff though.. Mind your business!! I would call my two cousins. However, I couldn’t keep burdening them with my problems. I’m not comfortable going to any other relatives. That’s another story. So, I move into the bar next door from work. I knew the bartender from my side of town. So, I had another reason to go. He’s cool as hell. Plus, I can talk to him about anything.

I’m now working six days a week. I’m at the bar six days a week. I’ve become Norm from the sitcom Cheers. Now people are wanting to ask my name. Oh fucking boy!! No!! I just want to drink my problems away. Go home and pass out. Then start the day over again. Looking back, it was really bad. I stopped talking to some people. I stopped performing. I was just done. I would get so trashed. I would have random outburst in public places. Some people thought it was entertaining. some weren’t having it. I wish I wasn’t that person. But It helped me understand. Who REALLY has your back. I was misled by a few family and friends. No hard feelings. After losing my bro. I’m like I don’t want any male friends. This went on for a good while. Work, drink, sleep. I’m sure that I got off on the wrong foot with many. Some, I’ve become very cool with. Meanwhile… I was in a relationship. I was avoiding that too. Like.. This was the person I was in love with. Too bad that I didn’t balance work and a love life properly. I got dumped dumped!!

It’s now 2018.. I done had countless interventions. Like I was some fucking alcoholic. I didn’t drink when I first woke up. Don’t get me wrong! I totally appreciated it. It was just anytime after 3pm. An alcoholic drinks soon as they wake up. I did not do that. I’m slowly coming out of my funk. I start becoming chatty with some of the dudes at the bar. I’ve bonded with a dude name Danny. That has become my best friend. He’s been so fucking amazing! You’ll hear more about him. Now It’s party time!! I’m still working six days a week. I’m in good spirits. I’ve even apologize to the ones that I may have affected. During my spiral out of control. It was a relief because they are really dope. I deep down enjoyed working with them. Suddenly, we are relocating. We now have to meet new people and shit. In my head.. I’m like “You’re Charley and everyone likes you.” But still it’s a whole new ballgame when you are the new dude. It’s going pretty solid. Then, my coworker leaves. Now, it’s just me. I’m Mr. Nice Guy. So, I’m like saying yes to things I don’t want to do. I was working about 45-60 hours a week. Still partying and bullshitting. To the point that I’ve lost my voice. I wasn’t focusing on my actual career. Just going to work and partying. I was told that “If I wasn’t partying instead of resting. My voice wouldn’t be jacked.” So, I’m suppose to work my ass off and not have a life?? While everyone does. Fuck That!! That’s how people lose themselves and become workhorses. I’ll be damn if that happens to me. But Wait… It almost did.

I meet this dude and we start hanging out a lot. We start talking about dreams, goals and shit. We have similar personalities. We are both into the same shit. Together, we are a wild pair. It was interesting. We would hang out. Have a shit ton of fun. Then lose of track of time. I started to really laugh again. Next thing you know… We develop a foundation. He’s at a place where he can tell me about myself. He mentioned that I would start projects. Then abandon them. I wasn’t having it at first. However, I knew that it was coming from a good place. His approach wasn’t aggressive it was sincere. So, now I’m getting all tons of advice from him. He’s taking me everywhere. It’s dope as hell!! He picks my brain and asks about all the things that I have done. He then hits me with… “We should work on some stuff together!!” Which we’ve started. He then would tell me… “I need to use the word NO more often” because people will take my kindness for granted. He would take my phone if work texted me and hide it. Reminding me that I was dumped because I work too much. Telling me that “I’m too invested in everything else.” When will you ever focus on the prize that is Charley? Sometimes it takes the person that you think is the hottest thing ever to help you wake up. He told me that I need to smoke more. It’s helped a lot. I’m more relaxed than ever. If I get upset at work I have to go smoke. Or, put some drops into a coffee. It beats getting all emotional and having people talk shit about you. Or, throw it in your face later on. Yeah.. Shit is really mellow. However, I’ll light you up if need be. It’s now the beginning of 2020. Shit is looking really good. I mean as far as, looking ahead. I really enjoy saying NO. I don’t work crazy hours anymore. I went from 45-60 to maybe 25-35. Let me tell you. Sanity is every thing. I lost myself for a bit. I’m gaining me back. It’s an amazing feeling. I’m working on a film titled “Traffic Lane” I’m so pumped about it. I’ve made some amazing friends. I still have the ones from years ago. I’ve been to some amazing events. I’m not at the bar as much anymore. Shit!!! I’ve become a lightweight. I’ve learned not to hold grudges. Family is not everything. At least they’re something. Then main supporter is yourself. Alcohol does not fix everything. It just makes you puke the next day. Not everyone is attacking you. The world is yours. Just how much of it do you want?

Hair Dreams and Goals

What’s going on Nachos?

Yes… I know it’s been a long minute. I can totally explain!! I’ve been working on my vocals, acting in an upcoming series and taking acting classes. This past weekend we’ve shot a music video. For the upcoming single “Welcome to my hood”  by ToniSteelz. For the upcoming series “Vish Merrick”. We’ve recently performed at The Desmond’s Tavern. It was a great turnout. We had a private performance at Starks Enterprises. We are the openers for their talent showcase. I’m going to do better… I promise. 🤗 I do want to give my feedback on TLC’s new album. 🔥 Stay tuned for that. ✌🏽❤️ 

What I want to share with you all is my obsession with hair these days. Yes!! I love hair!!! Growing up I’ve had many different hairstyles. I’ve done the fade, gumby, flat top, box braids, cornrows… Chyle, you name it. Then in 2007, I was reaching some type of phase… I wanted to change my look. I chopped off my hair and swore never to grow it back. 

This was about 12 years ago… 
Then I did this for awhile… Excuse what I’m lighting.

Then for awhile I was like the hell with this….

Years go by and in the back of my mind.. I did think about it. But I remembered the hell that I went through to maintain it. 
Flash to 2015… I’m now working in an extension bar name RPZL. “Rapunzel” I work with another gentleman. He’s growing his hair… I’m thinking 💭 about. ” I can’t be a baldy at a blowout and extension bar.” The journey began… It was absolute hell. My hair started growing in patches… 😩 Luckily, we began to carry product by Rene Futerer. It was a blessing.. I began doing the treatments. My hair has grown thicker and healthy. 

Now… I want to toy around with my hair. Adding extensions, safely coloring it… Thinking hair chalk. Here are some that I’ve been looking at….

⬆️ This one I like most. ⬆️

Thankfully, I work in a salon. Thankfully, I’m a performer. So, I’m about to have some fun with my hair. These are fun and inspiring….. 

⬆️ Here I Go ⬆️ 😂😂😂😂😂 
Any tips… Ideas… Shoot me a comment. 
That’s it for now… Peace ✌🏽 Love ❤️ and Say your prayers 🙏🏽 
Remember, you are awesome!!! 

In control!! Grabbing life by the balls!!

What’s up, Nachos? 🤔🤗 

Life has been quite amazing these past few months. I’m thankful for those that have inspired me. Those that allowed me to be me. Those that have pushed, believed and never gave up. I sit and think 💭 “Oh Shit!! I’m actually doing everything that I was scared to do!” Don’t get me wrong… I’m scared shitless!! 😲 However, my confidence level is going up. I mean when you’re seeing how many people view your posts. Actually leaving positive comments. Along with seeing yourself in acting mode. I was once told that I’m the most overconfident and under confident anyone has ever met. It’s an agreement. 😩


This summer we have tons of shows coming up. This is going to be lit!! Aside from filming an upcoming series. It’s still unreal as I blog this. Yep!! This is my life and I am truly grateful, blessed, thankful and humbled. 
Let me tell y’all a little something about it…….
Being part of such an amazing project with great writers, production and cast members. Is truly a good thing. I’m not going to spill too much. You just have to follow the instructions. Go to @vishmerricktvshow on instagram click the link in the bio. I will say that I’m in love with my character. His name is “Cutty”. He’s kind of a smart ass, that is into his hair more than anything. Word on the street is that he’s dangerous… 😲 
Looks like trouble for Cutty. It’s amazing that the three of us are acting and performing together. We are on a whole new level with what we do. 
Three the hard way. 
I’m learning so much about becoming an entertainer. Also, what comes along with it. I didn’t realize how folks disappear when you start doing something you actually love. I was recently on the phone with a few people. I started telling them about what’s going on. Only to get a “I’ll call you back!” I’m still waiting on that call. Or, when you mention to relatives and they change the subject. It’s cool… I’m good. I can’t worry about it. I’ll still support when I can. They claim it’s you… Ummm, No. However, trust and believe I’m not mad or upset about it. It’s just like… “Damn, You think that folks would be proud and want to promote, celebrate and support each other.” It’s cool! You can’t let it stop you from pursuing a dream. You just have to keep going. They just won’t be there. Shout out to my best friend, Nico. He’s been yelling at me for years. To stop playing and pursue my dream. Telling me it’s not too late and not to give up. I try to do the same for him. He’s a dancer and is really dope!! 
I do have some great people behind me that cheer me on. If they can’t make a show. They’ll at least send a gift. Make that phone call. Or, even plan something nice. 
It was really awesome that my family came and showed support. ❤️❤️❤️
Family that calls and check on you. They make sure that I’m eating and not going crazy. 😂 That actually cares about what you are doing. ⬆️
This is really all I need. I do have a lot of folks to thank. Besides the people in photos above. Andre, Josiesboy, Stephen Spruill, Mario, Rachel Love, Roberta Hill, My Sister Toni, Frances Burke, Monica and Lisa, The Vargas family, Malik Williams and Nicholas Ryan Gant. 
So… I’m enjoying the fact that I’m fully in control of my life. Making my own decisions. Living for me!! Doing what I enjoy. Like I said.. Life is awesome and I’m grabbing it by the balls!! 
Anywho, I’m about to get me something to eat. Which I need to start eating healthier. Send me some vegan recipes…. Don’t forget to click that link!!! 
The many moods of Chazz Anthoney Cabrera. 🕺🏽🎬🎤  Don’t worry.. They’re all cool. 🤗
I’ll just call for backup!! ⬆️ Seriously, though. Check out the trailer and teaser. It’s on YouTube as well. 
It’s been real!! Be good, Live for you and say your prayers!!

The heard our Cry… Xscape is back!!

Nachos!!! It’s finally happened!!!

Xscape is back together!!! 
As a teenager in the 90s. I had Super Mario Brothers, Baseball and Good Music. Personally, it was the best era ever. As far as, music is concerned. We had some of the best artists!! Most of them were groups. Back then you had to actually have talent to even get a record deal. These four ladies definitely had talent. In 1993 we had En Vogue, TLC and SWV to name a few. They were super duper dope!! Amazing videos, concerts, posters you name it!! Then suddenly this group of young ladies name Xscape comes out. I remember seeing “Just Kickin’ It” on Video Soul. Immediately I thought Kandi was the bomb!! I remember purchasing the Maxi-Single from The Wiz. You can clearly tell this was definitely the 90s. With what I previously mentioned. 😂😂  They had a string of hits. They were everywhere!! Eventually, I had posters of them on my wall. 
This album I literally had to buy over and over again. Due to having a cassette player. 😲 😂 Chyle… Then suddenly all of them were my favorite. My cousin Cassandra use to say that Latocha was her cousin. Lol!! Because the favor a bit… Anyway, back then magazines kept us informed. As well as, the disc jockeys. It was like… “When is the new album dropping?
Okay… When this album came out. I understood everything they were singing about. And related to it. When “Feels So Good” came out.. That song was so damn lit!!! That single was another buy multiple times.  I had purchased a new stereo with 5 disc changer plus cassette decks. You couldn’t tell me nothing!! 😂😂 I had that album on repeat. I liked that the videos had a sequence. Chyle… We were all mad at Zeebo. 😡 Their swag was dope!! I was feeling Kandi’s hair on that one. Years ago by and then….
This had to be my favorite album!! Actually, it is!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽  “The Arms Of The One Who Loves You” will always be a favorite. Along, with “All I Need”, “One Of Those Love Songs” etc… I remember hearing, “Softest Place On Earth” on the radio. Then after the song played. Dude announced that they’ve broken up. Wtf?
I’m thinking… “This is the album that will shut everyone down” 😢 Already, we’ve gotten wind of SWV breaking up months before. En Vogue was now a trio. I’m like it’s all over…. Please, TLC don’t break up. It’s now 2017… I’ve seen an episode of Unsung. It featured Xscape.. Finally, we got to see and hear. What went down. However, it didn’t seem like they would ever reunite. I’m going to be honest as a fan. I do remember when the came out with a song and new number. I was like, “Nope!!!”  I got to see Kandi and Tiny on reality television. The Scott sisters were in plays. But they weren’t together. Months past and Kandi is live on Facebook. It’s Xscape!! Saying that they are reunited!! Look at God!! 🙏🏽 They sound great rehearsing for their upcoming show. Hopefully, they’ll get the props that they deserve!! It’s long overdue!!! Welcome back ladies!!! I’ve missed y’all!!!
Until then… Be kind, Remain Awesome, Live for you and Love yourself!!! 

Romper… RompHim… Romp huh???

Nachos, We have a situation here!! 🤔

The past few weeks there has been a stir. Dudes sporting rompers. At first I thought. “Why?”. 🤔🤦🏽‍♂️ What is going on? Clearly, when I think of a Romper. I think of this.
Now, I’m all for expressing ourselves. Also, I posted a weeks back about not having a problem wearing a kilt. That’ Romper was what I had in mind. Then my friend Tony “Josiesboy”. Who has a weekly podcast every week. Titled, ” Call me when it’s over..” was discussing fashion. He hit the subject about Rompers. Him and I both worked in the same retail store way back. When it was Romper season. We saw this:


Again… That is what came to mind. He voiced his opinion. I kinda agreed with him. I pretty much can say that I’m not too much of a fan of the Male Romper aka RompHim. If you like it. That’s your choice… I’m still going to hang with you if you wear one. 😂😂  I’ve seen a few and I will say you definitely need to have the body for one. 


These are some that I’ve seen. These are not for me!! I’m not going to try to pull it off. Maybe it will work for you!! Some can be quite revealing. I don’t want my print to be a discussion. Hmmmm 🤔 It’s the thing that’s happening at the moment. I’m too skinny to sport one that short anyway. I did see some pretty cool ones. If I jumped into a RompHim. 
This one is actually my favorite. It doesn’t give a feminine tease, either. If I did… I would totally wear this. 


Here’s some other ones I though were rather dope!!
I fancy this one, as well. So, overall I think I’m here for the ones that I like. Who knows??? I may wear one. I doubt it! But you’ll never know… 🤔
Stay tuned!!! Dudes are walking around with their asses out!!! Without any underwear. I smell something funny… 
Until next time… Stay Dope!!! Say your prayers!! Live the dream!! 


A Singer, Actor and Blogger. With a 9 to 5.

My apologies Nachos.. 😢 

It’s been a minute… I’ve been pretty active lately. Living the dream. Getting my life together and conquering fears. 
I’ve mentioned in a previous post that 8 months ago. I’ve been performing with award winning artist, ToniSteelz. It’s been quite an amazing and interesting journey. Wait!!! It’s been freakin’ awesome!! 😊🕺🏽🎤🙌🏽 Those that actually know me. Know that I have this peekaboo personality. At times I can be outspoken and giddy. Then crawl into a box and hide. That’s what happens when I have to face a crowd. How the hell do you dream of becoming an entertainer and you get all scared? It’s been a work in progress and it’s coming to fruition. It’s truly amazing when you meet someone and that is understanding can see that you have a gift. That has faith in you and brings you on their journey. I’m working on my grandpa habits. Yes… I like to go to bed early. Especially, if I have to work early in the morning. If we have a show that night and I work that next morning. I’m flying home… Well, the last few times I’ve stayed and hung out. We do need to spend more time together. So Gramps, will let his hair down.
😂 Personally, I need to not box myself up. When I’m going through issues. I’m learning, Chyle.
Can I truly tell y’all that… I’m so happy, thankful and blessed with everything that is happening right now!! It’s hit me!! I’m an artist!!! It’s time to work hard and bust my butt!!!
Anywho, We’ve been performing all over the city together. We’ve been getting great responses. I’ll admit that I’m not powerful vocally. However, I’m getting there. I have a voice, it’s just that I’m finally learning to like it. I’m looking for a good vocal coach. So, whoever is reading. Please reply with info. 😊 It a great feeling when we walk off the stage. Folks walk up to you and tell you how great we all were. It’s like “We kicked butt!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽” Our last performance. We ended the show differently than usual. We usually close out with, “They Don’t Even Know Yet”.  Which we did but.. We usually end the song together. This time around, Toni introduced the band, Jelani Maleeq and I. Then she walked off. Then we were singing the hook with the band. Then Maleeq walked off. It was just the band and I. I couldn’t just run off behind him. So, I kept singing. Then we ended. Omg!! It felt good 😊 I felt confident and comfortable. It’s noticeable too!! I’m blessed and honored to be performing and becoming a family with them. ToniSteelz, is a phenomenal artist. I’m not just saying that, either. She’s a Hip Hop artist, an actress, a radio personality, does voice overs, producer,  director and motivator. Wait!! A hairstylist as well. Jelani Maleeq, can sing his face off!! I definitely look up to him as an artist and a friend. I’m learning a lot from him. He’s a comedian too!! 😂😂 His singing can bring me to tears. He’s dope!! 
ToniSteelz and The Steel Tonez “Jelani Maleeq and Chazz Anthoney “
We get along really well. We’re grown adults with a vision and don’t have time for nonsense. We’re go getters aiming high. We support each other and are a united front. The last few shows we’ve added a few artists. To perform with us.. The Infamous King Of Positivity “IKP” and Verse. Two truly amazing artists!! Each song has a message. You will leave with something. Hope y’all can come and check us out. 😉
Verse, Chazz Anthoney, Jelani Maleeq and IKP. We look like a Boy Band. 😂🙌🏽🕺🏽 I love it!!
Things are moving pretty quickly with us. We have a bunch of shows lined up. Throughout the summer. It’s going to be a blast!! This is truly a blessing! 🙏🏽 I’ll hit y’all with links for upcoming appearances. 🎤
Come through and get to know us… We’re a fun group of friends. 
Besides performing together we all have side projects. ToniSteelz is currently working on an upcoming series. I don’t know if I can say too much at the moment. But I’m proud of my sis. 🙌🏽 Recently, she reached out to Jelani and I about having a role on the series. When I found out. I literally screamed!! We got the script. I must say.. The writing is awesome!! It’s a great script!! I read my part and couldn’t stop laughing. I would love to see my character go somewhere. He has potential. 😂 We filmed a few scenes and it was a challenge. I’m kind of a sophomore at acting. So, I did mess up a few times. I had to keep going back and looking at the script. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future. I’m really hoping because it’s a great project. We chatted after we filmed. I’m working on not being so shy. I’m going to work on my craft. I’m honored to be part of an amazing project. I love my character a lot. Everyone was truly kind and supportive. There’s a group of amazing actors, writers and crew. I can’t wait to see it all. I’m hoping everything is a success!! It was a blessing. My confidence level is pretty high now. If folks are going to see and hear me. I’m on film now. I can’t be scared now. I’m only going up!! I’m happy as all get out!! I’m proud of myself!! I’m sure my mother is smiling down at me!! I’m Chazz Anthoney Cabrera. A singer, actor and blogger. Just living the dream. 
Thinking about what’s next… 
Follow my blog instagram @nacho_ordinary_struggles
For upcoming appearances and events http://www.tonisteelz.com
Until next time.. Remain awesome, Live for you, Love Yourself and Say your prayers. 

Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) #MalePMS

Hi there, Nachos!! ✌🏽❤️

Let’s start by making this clear. I’m not making any comparisons to what women go through. During that time of the month. Being brought up around a bunch of ladies. As well as, in my circle. I know better.
Although, women jokingly say this about men.. “I think he’s on his period today.” Yes! Dudes get a little bitchy at times. Joan Crawford even quoted “I love playing bitches. There’s a lot of bitch in every woman. A lot in every man.” I love her!!! I use to compare moods with astrology signs. But if everyone is acting up at the same time. What then? Not everyone is a Pisces. I’m one and I can be super sensitive at times. According to some, I’ll even give a Broadway performance. #Shade 
Crazy part, though…. It’s so true. 😲🤦🏽‍♂️
I’m not saying that about all Pisces either. However, it’s a proven fact. That we are the most sensitive in the zodiac. As well as, the most creative. 
I’ve been called out lately for being grumpy, unruly, winey, moody, flip-floppy. Then there’s a time when I turn into “Charley 2.0”. I’m dancing, extremely happy all that good stuff. I’ve been told I’m on my period. Men do not suffer the agony of what women go through. Do we get the side effects? Regarding attitude? Maybe??? 
I had some time on social media. I was scrolling and seen a clip from “The Doctors”. They were talking about “IMS” Irritable Male Syndrome. Male PMS, as they stated. I have seen a lot of Men.. Straight and Gay switch it up. As if it were a females monthly time. I do hear men claim of “Cramps and Cravings of this and that.” Dude!! It’s just gas and you probably have the munchies. Or, you’re just plain hungry.
Ladies, give dude a good movie slap for that!! 😂
As they were saying, the male testosterone level. Is rather high when he wakes up. Mines is really high!! 🤦🏽‍♂️😂  Anyway, we have all this energy. Plus along with exercise and a good diet. You’re pretty energetic and pumped. Whereas, a male that doesn’t exercise, eats poorly.  Will probably just have that level upon awakening. Then it’s probably hell for the rest of the day. I don’t exercise too much. That’s changing.. Due to my music career. I eat what and when I want. No meat, though. As well as, a stoner. I’ll wake up in the morning. Say after a show. Now, I’m pumped about the performance. The feedback is always good. I’ll have a few drinks, smoke then eat like crazy. The next day, I’ll get up pumped. Shower, dress have coffee. Then I’m good. Nope!!!
I’ll turn into the most evil person. I’m totally harmless, I don’t look good behind bars. However. I’ll complain, snap at someone. I become a total crybaby. I’m working on this. Work in progress, y’all! “Me being defensive, will never change. Some people are just too offensive!” Today I was cranky, I probably got about 3 hours sleep. I’m a huge coffee drinker. Shit was no help. 😢 Around noontime I wanted to go in a corner and cry. It was because it’s Monday and I’m sleepy as hell!! Plus, I was starving. 
Other times, I can be giddy and exploding with joviality. I’ll be super chatty and animated. Most people think I probably downed a few uppers. Nope! That’s actually a normal Charley.
Ain’t I handsome?!?! Yes!! 😘
They way we take care of our bodies. Reflects our moods day to day. Is it PMS… I doubt it!! Now ladies… I can’t imagine what you all go through. During that time of the month. However, I will say “I’m sorry… If I ever pissed you off!” Although, some of y’all.. I did on purpose. I’ll treat you to some chocolate and Motrin. 
I’m going to say that it’s just an excuse for us guys. To use when we’re moody. We just needed something to call it!!! I AM DEFINITELY USING IT!! I actually have IMS today. 
Until then… Be good to each other. Tell someone you love them. 
Peace Nachos!!! ✌🏽❤

The way we look…

So nachos.. 

Quick reminder!! I will be performing with ToniSteelz and friends at The Well. It’s in Brooklyn. In the Bushwick section. Thursday 5/11 🤗
So, last night. I was having a conversation with a few individuals. About the way fellas are dressing these days. I sport a Mohawk hairstyle. Which at times it’s complicated. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Thankfully, it’s at length where I can quickly snap in a few pieces and jet. Yes! I’m a male that enjoys a good hair extension. Once in a while. 🙋🏽‍♂️
Which lead to this blogpost. I was told that men shouldn’t wear their hair long, permed, weaved etc… I’m like.. 🙄 “Who gives anyone the right to say, how someone should look?” 🤔  Especially, when the so called critics look like Dr. Seuss 😲. And… That’s on their good day. It’s been done for years. Like our favorite Motown singers have done it.


Nat King Cole hair was on fleek back then, as well.
Listen.. The way we choose to look. Is the way we express ourselves. 🕺🏽Not every look is for everyone but it’s for us. A lot of gentlemen wear their pants hanging off their buttocks. It may not work for you. However, it’s the look they chose. They didn’t do it for you. They did it for them. Let’s just hope their drawers are clean. 🤔😂
I know a few that dress like this. However, most are actually in suits. During the day. 
To the older generation… I’m sorry. It’s here for a while. 😂
The Met Gala was a few days ago. I saw a photo of singer, Maxwell. Sporting a DSqared2 ensemble. Instantly I was mesmerized.. I want to wear something similar. That looks great on him. It’s fun it looks very comfortable. It’s today!!!!!!!! Slayed!!! 🙌🏽🕺🏽


I’m sure a few people will disagree with me. However, it’s my opinion. It’s understood it’s not for everyone.
Getting back to hair!!! I love the way us gentleman are keeping our hair these days. Some go for the unkempt and untidy look. To long flowing colorful locks. I hear a lot of, “Dudes, walking around with curls. Looking like girls.” I mean really. Step out the box and get with it. Not everyone looks good with a cesar or buzz cut. If a dude does curl his hair and shit. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay. It’s just how he likes to wear his hair. As well as men with ponytails. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s all about expression and creativity. We have to stop being so critical and narrow minded. Stop labeling people too!! 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️ Here are some looks that I think are rather dope!!!




These are dope… You just have to choose the look that’s best for you. If you choose not to have hair. It’s your choice. Who cares?
There’s a lot of awesome looks. That I’ve seen for the spring and summer. My bestie Nico actually has great fashion sense. I’ll feature him soon. Here’s some good looks that you may like.


There’s something for everyone!!! You have to have fun with your appearance. Step out the box and live!!! Well…. Until then, Nachos… Remember that you are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you different!!! ✌🏽❤💕🕺🏽
Just me at work.. Sporting short hair. 😍

Born to Sing at an Electric Cafe.

Hey Nachos….

Since I’ve picked up a new interest. Blogging, that is. I haven’t had much time to check out on new music. That I’ve been recommended. Though, in a previous entry. I did mention the upcoming subject. Along, with studying and learning songs that I will be performing with ToniSteelz. Taking vocal lessons and working a 9-5. You tend to lose touch for a bit. 
Today is actually a day off. Besides paying bills and planning for the month ahead. I got to spend time on social media. I’m on Instagram and I see En Vogue. Dropped a single this morning. Titled, “I’m Good”. From their upcoming album, “Electric Cafe”. The first single “Deja Vu”. To me honestly was a tease. Letting us know, what to expect. Anyway, without hesitation, I immediately went to iTunes and purchased it. Not listening to a snippet first. I must say that, it’s enjoyable. The harmonies are amazing. It gives a chilling with a love ones conversation vibe. That would be my idea for a video. Since the beginning I’ve been a huge fan of  En Vogue. From “Born to Sing”.. That album still bangs. Then when “Funky Divas” dropped you just knew that they were here to stay. The videos were amazing. They were on commercials and television shows. They were even in Batman Forever. We’ve seen Cindy in the movie “Juice”. Terry, dropped an titled “Southern Gal”. So, since I thought all of them were my favorites. I’m like cool they’re all staying busy. Then the movie “Set It Off” comes out. Who’s kicking off the soundtrack? En Vogue. With “Don’t Let Go (Love)”. I’m like “Yaaaassszzzzz!!!!” That means an album is coming!! They’re in the magazines talking about a new album. Next thing you know. Dawn Robinson has left the group. Huh? What? However, an album was still coming out. “EV3” comes out and “Whatever” is the first single. I’m watching the video. It’s dope!! Okay, Dawn is gone. Did I miss her? I get the album the night of the release. It’s when CD’s existed. I had an hour ride home. So, it was perfect. I’m listening to the album. A few songs I went back to. I didn’t have to skip any of them. I fell in love with this album. They had different producers this time around. The cool part is that some songs still had Dawn’s vocals on them. It’s by far my favorite album. I was shocked at the fact. They only made two videos and at least seven songs could’ve been singles. In my opinion. Then nothing….. A soundtrack to the movie, “Why do fools fall in love?” comes out. They did a song called, “No fool, No more.” Written by Diane Warren. Still nothing…. I’m working at record store at the time. We get this new poster in the window. For a new album. Titled, “Masterpiece Theatre”. I’m hyped up!! The first single “Riddle” sounds a bit like the earlier stuff. It was still cool because it was them. It comes out… They turned it!! It went from Pop and R&B to classical. The beats were amazing the storyline was dope. It received little fanfare and promotion. It was disappointing because this could have been a trend in R&B albums. Music was changing… Things began to get Crunked and popping and locking. Where’s, En Vogue? To me they started the group thing and made it what it was. For our generation. Our parents had Motown. We have them. En Vogue came to Atlantic City. There was no Maxine. It was Cindy, Terry and Amanda. She was around for a Christmas album. I didn’t know much background on her. I just hope it worked. A year later a new album is coming. I was still at the record store at the time. Now it’s Cindy, Terry and Rhona Bennett. I remembered her on Jamie Foxx’s television show. They drop, “Soulflower”. I didn’t hear a lead single. I got the album, I thought it was cool. It was a different sound. You can tell Dawn and Maxine were gone. I did miss them. I missed the original group. However, Rhona did sound good. Their voices blended well. A few years later.. The Anniversary is coming up. Good golly, Ms. Molly. The original members are back together for a tour and album. First of all, if you seen that Alicia Keys performance on BET. I’m sure you died for a few seconds. When they popped up on stage. It was lit, Chyle!!! For them up there with SWV and TLC. It was a beautiful thing. Kudos to Alicia!!! So, we have hope. At least we’ve thought. Suddenly, Dawn left again for business reasons. Then Maxine left for the same. Next thing you know you have two En Vogue’s performing and folks are losing money. Now it’s court time. Cindy and Terry gets the name and ownership of the brand. Rhona is back in. They’ve been touring and doing interviews. Now it’s spring of 2017. Twenty Seven years of En Vogue. I always had a crush on Cindy and Terry. Yes, I miss Dawn and Maxine. However, I’m digging Rhona a lot. I’m looking forward to this new album. They have something that works. Let’s just hope for the best. It’s still En Vogue, y’all. Although, each member had a fan base. They were still a group. I’m here for it!!! Get the new single, “I’m Good”. It’s a great listen. Especially, if you’re an R&B head like me. Here’s a few looks from the past 27 years. 

    That’s just a few….



They still look and sound amazing!!! 🎤🎶❤💕

A long way from yesterday.

It’s five months into 2017. It’s been a pretty good year thus far. I mean you have your usual, ups and downs. Then you pick yourself up and keep it going. As you get older. You begin to appreciate what is actually around you. I’ve learned that you can’t point the finger at anyone. But yourself because you allowed it to happen. Not to judge a person. Based on a conversation with someone. That so called “Put you on” about. Especially not by appearance. Because we all have flaws. Allow me to babble for a bit. I’m really excited that I’ve been reconnecting with my friends from my childhood. I must say we all look damn good!! ☺️ We grew up in an era when we had to come inside. When the light came on. In front of the building. Our parents would snitch on us, if we were misbehaving. Some would even get popped in front of everyone. We were kids.. We actually played on the monkey bars, handball, rope, skelly. My favorite was tag and skating. We all had. So, we were entertained. And don’t bring it back in the house. Because that was it. Of course, we would fight and instigate. But by the next day. We were back to normal. I grew up in Roosevelt Projects in Brooklyn. Known as RV today. It’s the fondest memories that you have as a child. From the ages of 3 and 12 they say you remember those most. It was just my mother and I. My dad would pop up from time to time. We went to church all the time. Back then all the cartoons went off by 12. So, sitting in church on a Sunday afternoon. Wasn’t too much of a struggle. 😂 Today I appreciate those lessons in church. I do want to link up with them soon. It’s getting warm and everyone needs their asses outside. I left when my mom passed away. I was rather tough at first. I mean of course… losing a mother. That shit is a deep blow. It took me about 12 years after to deal with it. Today it’s not so hard. She’s proud of me. Plus I’m rather dope and living for me. But the idea of not seeing them again was catastrophic. For a while I came through from time to time. Due to me having family in the neighborhood. Slowly I just stopped. High school, work and marijuana did it. 😂 Ages 13-17 was a total shit show. My moms gone… I’m trying to figure shit out. Who the hell I am. Getting pick on at home and school wasn’t cute. I was awkward, nerdy and was a total misfit. Everyone made it clear that I was. I was paranoid as fuck. I moved to another area. I can say it was a nightmare at first. Trying to adjust. I made a few friends there. I can count on one hand as well. This was not RV. That was home. But over at the other neighborhood I’ve grown accustomed and tried to fit in. I never really did. I felt more accepted by a few friends in school. Then we moved into a house. I call it the day I overcame 😂. It was cool… I was always at work and getting plastered in midtown. I don’t know how I did it. Two jobs, school, drugs. Shit I would be lit as hell in school. I was focused and my grades were lit!!! Flash forward to today. I’m performing and recording. I’m writing this blog about myself. I love people more than ever. I’m a work in progress. I have a lot of amazing people in my corner. If something is bothering me. I’ll tell you directly. I try to stay away from gossip. However, when I’m told something. I don’t give a response. I just listen and know that I’m aware of you. I pretty much stay to myself. Because it can become overwhelming. Let me tell you about performing!! I would go to karaoke bars and have fun. I did try singing with a group when I was younger. It was always a dream of mine. However, I was quite the shy dude. Still am a bit. I always wanted to entertain. I just wasn’t confident enough. I would hear… “So and So can sing better than you.” “You can’t do this and that.” “You need to focus on school.” I’m like, “Damn… I’m not going to a should’ve, could’ve or would’ve.” I’m the controller of Charley. I do what I want. Last summer, I met a woman name Toni. We worked together on Sunday’s. It’s usually a mellow day. We were jamming to some music. She commented that I can sing. I laughed but it felt good. I didn’t know too much before that day. She said “We gonna work together.” I’m like, Huh? So, I went to visit her and she has a studio. I was all nerves I wanted to cry. But she kept encouraging me and her cousin IKP were telling to stop holding back. I couldn’t help it.. A month later, She says “Are you ready. We have a show coming up?” I couldn’t say no. That first show I’m shocked that I didn’t piss my pants. You knew I was nervous. I’m a lot more comfortable now. The whole team is motivating, encouraging, honest and talented. I’m so thankful for ToniSteelz. It’s now 8 months later and we’re doing big things. We’re going nowhere but up!! I’m extremely confident and proud of who I am. I’m sure my mom is smiling down at me. That’s all that really matters. You have to live your life for you. You are all you have at the end of the day. We have a show coming up on Thursday May 11 at 10pm at The Well in Brooklyn. See y’all there!!! Thanks for the love and support. Those that continue to inspire. Those that send well wishes. Those that have came to the show. My brother that tells me “It’s never too late”. Remember it’s you that is in control. No one else!!! I just needed to babble. The life of a stoner.

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