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Strolling through Bushwick on a crispy day.

After a crazy day at work. I would immediately rush home to my friend The Farmer. Or, he would rush me to get to Brooklyn. Our day usually would end at the same time. We would meet at his place. Or, at Heavywoods. When we stopped hanging around Manhattan. We needed a break.

We chat about the day. Which always leads into a lecture. With him telling me “You gotta relax”. Ugh! That and “Calm Down” would set me off. With him it didn’t. After the two drinks he says. “Let’s go for a walk.” Which we usually do because we can’t smoke inside.

I grew up around this neighborhood. It has drastically changed. Today there are a ton of bars, restaurants and boutiques. Yesterday had abandoned buildings, alleyways and dope. I’m being serious. As we’re walking and talking. My mood began to swing. We’re talking about how different things were. Suddenly, I look up and there’s street art everywhere!!! If you grew up in the graffiti era. You would appreciate it.

Us crazy dudes.

Then we would head back to Heavywoods. For some Crawfish Mac and Cheese. It’s so delicious!!


It’s the little things that can make a huge difference.


Published by Chazz.

Scatterbrain with multiple personalities.

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