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Watching: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta- Episode 16 “In the name of Charity”

Where do I start? I kind of want to jump right to the middle of the episode where it actually pops off. The best thing to do is start from the beginning.

We start with Eva’s baby shower. Cynthia did an amazing job putting that together. We see that NeNe is at least “trying” to be cool with Kenya. Kenya isn’t buying it. Maybe Kenya doesn’t feel it’s genuine. From the viewer standpoint it appears to be. However, we’re not in Kenya’s shoes. The game they played at the shower was fun. Shout out to Tanya for guzzling that and winning!! Speaking of Tanya….

Tanya Sam

Since Tanya’s arrival on the show. I do feel like she is a breath of fresh air. She’s a lot of fun!! It’s Tanya time!!!! She doesn’t come off as messy. She’ll try but it doesn’t work. She’s a sweetheart. So, when her and Kenya were going at it. It was like… Why girl?? Now you’re getting into something that nice people don’t get involved in. She was called the C word a few episodes ago. It was cringe worthy to see. She didn’t deserve that at all. As much as, I’m Team Twirl. It just wasn’t cool. We see at the baby shower that Kandi is trying to get these two women to move forward and put shit aside. I guess we’ll have to see how that plays out.

Eva Marcille-Sterling

We see that Kenya is going hard for her husband’s event. She wants everything to go perfect. She planned basically everything. Also, Kandi is on an audition for a role on the Showtime series, The Chi. I’ve never heard of it. I’m going to check it out. Kandi seems to have done okay reading the lines. Side note… Doesn’t Carmen look amazing!! We haven’t seen the Kandi Koated click in a minute. Now Kenya and Cynthia are discussing their relationships. This is where it gets painful. I love the transparency between the two of them. She opened him about how Marc has changed. Maybe they should’ve went to counseling. She wants the fairytale. I mean… Who doesn’t? However, if it’s not 50/50. Is it worth it?

The conversation between Wendy Williams and NeNe was what it was. She’s expressing that she wants to work it out with Kenya. She’s trying to work it out with the other ladies. Thank goodness!!! Because it was dragging on for no reason. Kenya picks out the outfits for the event. He doesn’t seem appreciative at all. To where he only approved of the socks. He didn’t like her dress at all. There not even on the same page regarding the event. Wtf??? Asshole!! I actually liked him in the beginning. After seeing the way he treats his wife. No freaking way!!!!

Kenya and Marc

It’s the event!!! Cynthia and Mike arrive first. Then Marc shows up. The exchange was awkward as hell. Then he meets Eva and Mike. It feels like he’s doing the most. Firstly, you need to show up with your wife. Everyone is starting to show up. The seating arrangements are in disarray. He didn’t want her to mingle as a hostess. I don’t know… I’m not feeling it! Marlo Hampton arrives with her nephews. Which it would be great for them to see and meet older people that can be a positive influence. Can we talk about how Marc didn’t even acknowledge his wife. Shout out to Mike for acknowledging Cynthia. I’m glad Marlo stayed. I was moved by Mike’s speech. It was incredible to hear Gregg Leakes speak. NeNe showing up was big!! Marlo’s nephew’s favor her. I do feel that Kenya could’ve been nicer to Marlo. I guess it’s because she’s tight with the way Marc is treating her. We’re now at the end of the episode. Marc is kinda over it all. Why?? Your event is a success. No big arguments occurred. What’s the problem? Wait!! Did y’all see when the reporter asked about the marriage? His response was “I hate it!! Everyone knows that!!” That’s foul dude!! No man should treat a woman like this!! How the episode ended was tragic. I wish the best for Kenya.


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