Watching: Life After Lockup

We were having one of those water cooler conversations. Chatting about all the shows to check out. My friend mentioned “Life After Lockup”. First off.. The title already had me thinking. “Oh, heck no!!!” She convinced me that it was good. So, I thought I give it a try. It is the middle of theContinue reading “Watching: Life After Lockup”

Danielle…. Don’t Go!!!!

You can love or hate her. Really there is no in between. I really enjoy Danielle Staub. Since that franchise began. I will say that she is amazing television. Let’s go back to Season 1. From the very beginning. I felt like Danielle was misunderstood. She wasn’t accepted in the group. All kinds of storiesContinue reading “Danielle…. Don’t Go!!!!”

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