Danielle…. Don’t Go!!!!

On Watch What Happens Live last night.

You can love or hate her. Really there is no in between. I really enjoy Danielle Staub. Since that franchise began. I will say that she is amazing television.

Let’s go back to Season 1.


From the very beginning. I felt like Danielle was misunderstood. She wasn’t accepted in the group. All kinds of stories from her past came up. No one wants to ever relive. What they have gone through. However, you have those re-hashers. We’ve learned that a book was written. She has written one in her defense. Apparently, what was said was vile. So, they ladies wanted to know. What’s really good? She’s coming into our circle and we need to know. Which is only right. But!!! The approach was uncool.


She had every right to be defensive. She was bombarded with all these questions. Called all kinds of foul names like “Prostitution Wh&?e” Then get the table flipped at her. Now… There was something so despicable that she’d done. Everyone was like… What? Word was that, she went and said something. About another woman’s child. That’s what you don’t do.

The kiddies are off limits.

Then season two begins. She’s definitely the odd one out. She may have had a few alliances. Which Danielle and all of us thought. Omg!!! Do any of you remember the Kim’s? A mess!! Her and Jacqueline were cool at first. Dina, cut her off and left all together. Caroline was done also. Her and Teresa were still at odds. After a bunch of messiness. Bodyguards being hired. However, she still gets chased. At this function that is happening. Suddenly, the fight breaks out. Jacqueline’s daughter pulls her hair. That was nuts.. Charges are pressed, its gets more ugly. The Kim’s were still instigating stuff. Then, they fall out. I mean, she couldn’t catch a break. They have final dinner. It goes well. However, they have Danielle to deal with. Once, they get back. Caroline and Danielle have dinner. “Shocking!!” She asked her to “Drop the charges”. She was against that. They have a screaming match. Caroline called her garbage again. She meant that. Danielle walks away.

It’s about to go down!!!

We find out what Danielle did. It was said that she tried to get one of the kid taken from her. What???? Teresa and Danielle go at it. Danielle walks off-set, pissing Teresa off more. She returns, we learned there’s gag order. The still go back and forth. Teresa and Danielle hug it out. The End…


Fast forward to season eight. Teresa and Danielle are friends again. Yay!!! We have new wives… Siggy, Delores & Margaret. Alongside, Teresa and Melissa. Danielle is back!! Not everyone is thrilled. However, Teresa is on her team. Kim D. returns 🙄 messier than ever. Rumors fly about cheating Delores and Danielle faces off. Season nine happens… She’s feuding with Margaret and everyone else. The ladies try to convince Teresa. To cut off Danielle completely. Shes not buying it.

Season 10

We are now in Season ten. We all know that Danielle and Teresa have fallen out. We have to see how that plays out. At the moment she is on Danielle’s side. However, no one else really is. Again. You have to watch.

January 8, 2020

Danielle appears on “Watch What Happens Live!” She’s discussing everything. Including her and Teresa. She’s not bashing her at all. Which is actually pretty solid. She suddenly makes a statement. “I will never be returning as a Housewife again with the Jersey girls. Ihave, over the past 12 years and 10 seasons, been a part of this whole franchise and I’ve been happy to rally and stand on a platform and be here with all of you. But it is time for me to leave and do something that makes my heart happy everyday.” Wtf????

Sucks to see her go.

She’s focusing on her cheffing. Which is really cool and therapeutic. I’m not going to lie. Her food looks great. She’s starting her cooking channel. I’ll miss her with the ladies. At least she’ll show us. How to make some great dishes!!!!!

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