Happy Rainy Sunday! Song of the day!

Happy Rainy Sunday! Song of the day! http://charlesanthoneycabrera.com/2022/10/02/happy-rainy-sunday-song-of-the-day/ — Read on charlesanthoneycabrera.com/2022/10/02/happy-rainy-sunday-song-of-the-day/

A Singer, Actor and Blogger. With a 9 to 5.

My apologies Nachos.. 😢  It’s been a minute… I’ve been pretty active lately. Living the dream. Getting my life together and conquering fears.    I’ve mentioned in a previous post that 8 months ago. I’ve been performing with award winning artist, ToniSteelz. It’s been quite an amazing and interesting journey. Wait!!! It’s been freakin’ awesome!!Continue reading “A Singer, Actor and Blogger. With a 9 to 5.”

A long way from yesterday.

It’s five months into 2017. It’s been a pretty good year thus far. I mean you have your usual, ups and downs. Then you pick yourself up and keep it going. As you get older. You begin to appreciate what is actually around you. I’ve learned that you can’t point the finger at anyone. ButContinue reading “A long way from yesterday.”

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