Born to Sing at an Electric Cafe.

Hey Nachos….

Since I’ve picked up a new interest. Blogging, that is. I haven’t had much time to check out on new music. That I’ve been recommended. Though, in a previous entry. I did mention the upcoming subject. Along, with studying and learning songs that I will be performing with ToniSteelz. Taking vocal lessons and working a 9-5. You tend to lose touch for a bit. 
Today is actually a day off. Besides paying bills and planning for the month ahead. I got to spend time on social media. I’m on Instagram and I see En Vogue. Dropped a single this morning. Titled, “I’m Good”. From their upcoming album, “Electric Cafe”. The first single “Deja Vu”. To me honestly was a tease. Letting us know, what to expect. Anyway, without hesitation, I immediately went to iTunes and purchased it. Not listening to a snippet first. I must say that, it’s enjoyable. The harmonies are amazing. It gives a chilling with a love ones conversation vibe. That would be my idea for a video. Since the beginning I’ve been a huge fan of  En Vogue. From “Born to Sing”.. That album still bangs. Then when “Funky Divas” dropped you just knew that they were here to stay. The videos were amazing. They were on commercials and television shows. They were even in Batman Forever. We’ve seen Cindy in the movie “Juice”. Terry, dropped an titled “Southern Gal”. So, since I thought all of them were my favorites. I’m like cool they’re all staying busy. Then the movie “Set It Off” comes out. Who’s kicking off the soundtrack? En Vogue. With “Don’t Let Go (Love)”. I’m like “Yaaaassszzzzz!!!!” That means an album is coming!! They’re in the magazines talking about a new album. Next thing you know. Dawn Robinson has left the group. Huh? What? However, an album was still coming out. “EV3” comes out and “Whatever” is the first single. I’m watching the video. It’s dope!! Okay, Dawn is gone. Did I miss her? I get the album the night of the release. It’s when CD’s existed. I had an hour ride home. So, it was perfect. I’m listening to the album. A few songs I went back to. I didn’t have to skip any of them. I fell in love with this album. They had different producers this time around. The cool part is that some songs still had Dawn’s vocals on them. It’s by far my favorite album. I was shocked at the fact. They only made two videos and at least seven songs could’ve been singles. In my opinion. Then nothing….. A soundtrack to the movie, “Why do fools fall in love?” comes out. They did a song called, “No fool, No more.” Written by Diane Warren. Still nothing…. I’m working at record store at the time. We get this new poster in the window. For a new album. Titled, “Masterpiece Theatre”. I’m hyped up!! The first single “Riddle” sounds a bit like the earlier stuff. It was still cool because it was them. It comes out… They turned it!! It went from Pop and R&B to classical. The beats were amazing the storyline was dope. It received little fanfare and promotion. It was disappointing because this could have been a trend in R&B albums. Music was changing… Things began to get Crunked and popping and locking. Where’s, En Vogue? To me they started the group thing and made it what it was. For our generation. Our parents had Motown. We have them. En Vogue came to Atlantic City. There was no Maxine. It was Cindy, Terry and Amanda. She was around for a Christmas album. I didn’t know much background on her. I just hope it worked. A year later a new album is coming. I was still at the record store at the time. Now it’s Cindy, Terry and Rhona Bennett. I remembered her on Jamie Foxx’s television show. They drop, “Soulflower”. I didn’t hear a lead single. I got the album, I thought it was cool. It was a different sound. You can tell Dawn and Maxine were gone. I did miss them. I missed the original group. However, Rhona did sound good. Their voices blended well. A few years later.. The Anniversary is coming up. Good golly, Ms. Molly. The original members are back together for a tour and album. First of all, if you seen that Alicia Keys performance on BET. I’m sure you died for a few seconds. When they popped up on stage. It was lit, Chyle!!! For them up there with SWV and TLC. It was a beautiful thing. Kudos to Alicia!!! So, we have hope. At least we’ve thought. Suddenly, Dawn left again for business reasons. Then Maxine left for the same. Next thing you know you have two En Vogue’s performing and folks are losing money. Now it’s court time. Cindy and Terry gets the name and ownership of the brand. Rhona is back in. They’ve been touring and doing interviews. Now it’s spring of 2017. Twenty Seven years of En Vogue. I always had a crush on Cindy and Terry. Yes, I miss Dawn and Maxine. However, I’m digging Rhona a lot. I’m looking forward to this new album. They have something that works. Let’s just hope for the best. It’s still En Vogue, y’all. Although, each member had a fan base. They were still a group. I’m here for it!!! Get the new single, “I’m Good”. It’s a great listen. Especially, if you’re an R&B head like me. Here’s a few looks from the past 27 years. 

    That’s just a few….



They still look and sound amazing!!! 🎤🎶❤💕

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