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Born to Sing at an Electric Cafe.

Hey Nachos…. Since I’ve picked up a new interest. Blogging, that is. I haven’t had much time to check out on new music. That I’ve been recommended. Though, in a previous entry. I did mention the upcoming subject. Along, with studying and learning songs that I will be performing with ToniSteelz. Taking vocal lessons andContinue reading “Born to Sing at an Electric Cafe.”

The return of the 90s R&B Groups. For some not necessarily.

It’s April 2017.. A long way from the record store days. When most of us snuck out to our favorite record store at midnight. Just to get an album before your friends did. Or, camped outside for two days just to meet your favorite artists. At an in-store appearance. Now albums drop basically any dayContinue reading “The return of the 90s R&B Groups. For some not necessarily.”