The Gift & The Curse. Courtesy of the MTA.

It’s the most reliable source of transportation. That’s what they say. The rider will make a judgment call.

It was someone’s lucky day.

That was around 6am. Usually, the trains are just cruising. You may have a hold up momentarily. Which is never too long. However, if you’re late for anything. It hits differently. The wise thing to do is right before you head out. Look at the app. Grab a coffee and cross your fingers.

Bad News

Then there’s the afternoon. The midday track work is going on. There’s delays on multiple lines. Some trains are running super local. Some are running on a slower speed. Local to Express. Or, on a single track. Which is a total nightmare!! The postings will have an explanation for the construction. Which is great. I guess. The one that had me was “Operator Training.” I’m thinking… “They’re training new employees on my line.” That’s scary. I’m sure that’s not the case. But geez!!!! If you commute on the L or A train. At some point it turns into “Soul Train”. The kids put on a show. It can get intense at times. Depending on the mood you’re in. You’ll get hit with some kids selling candy. It’s definitely a perk. If you have the munchies. You’ll have some singers and poets. Then we have the youngsters getting out of school. Now they are scary!!


The evening commute can be a hit or miss. Your train can be running late. They’ll make it up by turning it into an express. That helps if you’re leaving happy hour and the seal is broken. It would be nice. If the restrooms were tidy and functional. I know I’m asking for a lot. The delays seem to get more insane. Due to people playing in the tracks. Yes!! That’s what I said. Sick passengers, bum fights. It gets wild. Which leads to ⬇️

This happens you better hope a friend lives nearby. Or, ditch the subway all together.

Commuting on the weekends can be brutal.

This is the norm.

Which will lead you to say….


Your regular 30 minute commute. Turns right into an hour and a half of hell. You’re on shuttle bus. You have to take three trains. As long as, you have good music. A charged phone with a good game. You’ll be okay. Find a seat!!! Trains run every hour on the hour. Right now it’s winter. So, it’s horrible.

You begin to accept what’s real.

These things will totally have you despising the subway. Then you see signs like…

This will change everything!! It’ll make you feel better. It’s the love/hate relationship we have to deal with.

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